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Episode 4: Beyond 101

Published April 15, 2014 by The Forest's Edge

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Betwixt and Between discuss the process of getting to the next level of Witchcraft from pretty much wherever one is–anyone from newbie to advanced initiate can learn more–but especially when growing from the basics. They have book recomendations, practical suggestions, and of course skip down multiple bunny tails along the way. Ultimately, getting “beyond 101” is about devoloping a Witchy lens on life, and then narrowing the focus of that lens down to something specific you feel really inspired to explore.

After defining what they consider to be “101,” they review some of their favorite Witchy books in both the 101 and 201 categories:

Craft of the Wild Witch, Poppy Palin

Christopher Penczak Temple of Witchcraft Series

Advanced Witchcraft, Edain McCoy

Cunning-Folk and Famliar Spirits, Emma Wilby

To Fly by Night: Craft of the Hedgewitch, Veronica Cummer ed.

A Grimoire for Modern Cunning Folk, Peter Paddon

Carmina Gadelica, Alexander Carmichael

The Fairies in Tradition and Literature, Katharine Briggs


And after much chittery-chat, they came up with the following steps for advancing one’s craft:

1) Reading (Witchy 101 books)

2) More Reading (2o1 books, Witchy and otherwise)

3)Practice (practice, practice)

4) Seek a personal ancestry

5) Bioregionalism (know your local…everything)

6) Draw on your natural talents and interests for inspiration


Here are links to some other things that were discussed:

U.S. Geological Survey

Nature: “What Plants Talk About



And a peak into Between’s garden…

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