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Episode 13: Eclecticism

Published October 18, 2015 by The Forest's Edge

Hear here!

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Examining the practical application of the various spiritual influences that affect us all, Betwixt and Between discuss the ins and outs of an eclectic practice, including spiritual speed dating, finding your spiritual posse, and the perils of dream catchers. Just two Witches versions of how to be an eclectic Witch.


Betwixt’s Dream Catcher, made from her grandmother’s lace.

Shameless promotion for a Tradition member’s eclectic fashion business: bohomonde

2015-10-18 12.28.53

Between’s eclectic kitchen altar to “Goddess of the Hearth and Home.”

*Apologies for the delay in publishing–this was meant to be the September episode. There will be an extra October episode to follow!