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Episode 15: Ancestors

Published November 22, 2015 by The Forest's Edge


Hear here!

Spinning off from the last episode, Betwixt and Between discuss the role of ancestors in their Witchcraft.

-What is an ancestor?

-Are we “all related?”

-Must we only relate to ancestors in a construct of linear time?

-What about adoption?

-Can you work with ancestors to resolve troubles you had with them in life? What about to try and heal the systemic problems our ancestors created, such as racism? And if yes, should you?

-Does work with ancestors intersect with work with the energy of a particular place or bioregion?

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We think this is the podcast Betwixt was listening to that proposed one should only work with biological ancestors. But we didn’t link to a specific episode, because Between didn’t have time to go down the rabbit hole and find it. Sorry.

The Jaguar and the Owl is the podcast Between brought up in which they talked about ancestor elevation. We think it’s Episode 24, but there are lots of good episodes here about ancestors.

As always, Peter Paddon. Now a venerable ancestor by any estimation.

Here are some links to get you started if you’re interested in reading about religion in prehistory: this one, this one, this one, and this one!

And finally, just for fun, this.



Episode 14: The Afterlife

Published November 1, 2015 by The Forest's Edge


Hear here!

Then put this song in your head!

As part of the annual Samhain observance, Betwixt and Between talk about various ideas about the afterlife from a range of cultures, discuss how to reconcile ghosts, work with ancestors, and other spirit activity with beliefs about reincarnation and realms of punishment and reward, and ramble about personal experiences, as per usual.

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Links to things relating to things we talked about:

The Podcast History of our World

Peter Paddon – The afterlife ideas we attribute to him are found in this book and in The Crooked Path podcast.

Greek afterlife – Read about how the Greeks prepared their dead and what they thought happened after death.

Viking afterlife – So normal people don’t go to Hel, but Helheim, and don’t forget about Folkvang! Read about it here!

Celtic afterlife – Check out this page as a primer, or really get into the details with this article.

Jewish afterlife – Is there a heaven? Are the souls of the wicked tormented, or do they just cease to exist? Find out here!

Also, check out the Book of Job (here’s a summary article) and the tale of the Witch of Endor for yourself (medium of Endor? Woman with a familiar spirit of Endor?)


Christian afterlife – You think you know everything about this, but do you? DO YOU!?!?!?!?

If you get discouraged by the patriarchy, check out this article about Jesus’s Vagina.

Buddhist and Hindu Traditions – What is reincarnation exactly? How do you slip out of the cycle? How does karma work?

Egyptian stuff – Pack up your stuff–you’re moving to the afterlife! Learn more here and here.

Prehistory – Humans, and humanoids, have been burying their dead for a long time. Here is just one of about a billion sources where you can learn more.

And Remember…A ghost a day keeps the psychiatrist away! Says Benevolent Bertram.