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Episode 16: Witches’ Rest

Published February 1, 2016 by The Forest's Edge

Hear here!

20160201_104006[1]What is Witches’ Rest? When is it? How long does it last, and what is allowed and forbidden? Recorded before the big winter holidays (and only put upĀ just before Imbolc/Candlemas because, hey, that’s how we roll!), this episode explores ideas of self-care, getting in touch with your needs and goals as a practitioner, being in touch with the actual occurrence of winter in your region, personal cycles of practice, giving yourself permission, and periods of immersion versus integrated rest into daily life.

Quick personal updates: We both had lovely holidays with family, and Between finished her Witchlette’s dollhouse, which received rave reviews.

No baby yet, but we are expecting the Wee Miss any day now. Anticipation builds by the moment!


The Winter Solstice spiral.

Between will publish a solo update when baby is born, and as soon as things settle down, we will record again! Our next episode will be responding to all the amazing questions you sent, plus the results of the infamous drawing!!! Stay well!