Episode 18: Magical Crafts

Published December 3, 2016 by The Forest's Edge

Hear here!

After resolving some technical issues, Betwixt and Between are back, and all about the magic of crafts. From incorporating handcrafts into rituals and spells to the magic inherent in crafts for their own sake, this is a cozy chat about it all (and no one dozes off in the process!). You might want to grab your knitting (or whatever your poison of choice is) for this one!


The loom from our Autumn Equinox ritual.

If you want to check out Women’s Work: The First 20,000 Years, here is a link…

And if you want to learn more about Goddesses associated with spinning and weaving,       this site is a good place to start.


Betwixt’s bunting.


Between’s Witchy crafting space, complete with Witchlet.

The Hecate effigy face, right, later turned into Between’s garden goddess.


She was cooler in the dark, before she caught on fire.


Betwixt’s garden goddess.

3 comments on “Episode 18: Magical Crafts

  • Baskets baskets everywhere. Looks like my studio. 😂

    Also, totes excited that I won your drawing! Haven’t heard from you yet, thought I’d pop in here and see if everything’s okay. December was hectic, so no rush on anything. Good to hear from you ladies again!

  • I totally love magickal crafting! I loom knit and crochet, when I do I always have a magickal intent when I loom knit or crochet, for example I have are a blanket for my son (who’s now 13) and more recently my 5 Year old nephew with protective intent… love the podcast and can’t wait for more!

  • I really loved this episode. The Autumn Equinox garden weave is so awesome. Seriously–I am in awe! After hearing you talk about it on the podcast it was thrilling to see a picture. Thank you!

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