Episode 19: House Spirits

Published February 8, 2017 by The Forest's Edge

Hear here!

Happy very very very very VERY late Winter Holidays! After a little discussion of their preparation for (ahem) Solstice and Christmas, Betwixt and Between get down to business talking about house spirits. Discussing both their own personal house spirit experiences and the range of such spirits from around the world, this episode is a great starting place for getting to know the brownies, tomtes, and wights in your life.

News! Though we credit Between’s Husband for editing the podcast, this is actually the first episode edited by our new editor, Jacob Haller. http://jacobhaller.com/ With all the craziness going on in their house, getting podcasts ready was not on the top of Mr. Between’s priority list, though we are grateful to him for the quality job he’s done for us. We are really excited to be working with Jacob, who plans to help us open up the bottleneck of releasing episodes and reach our goal of, gasp! Putting out at least one episode per month in 2017! (Not counting January, of course. That ship has sailed.)

More News! We will soon(ish) have a brand new website! It will be more aesthetically our style, and hopefully easier for you to use. So be on the lookout for that!




http://www.batcow.co.uk/strangelands/domestic.htm (A good site for many types of Celtic spirits)






One comment on “Episode 19: House Spirits

  • I just discovered your podcast and I love it! I feel it is very unique and real compared to other witch/pagan podcast currently being produced. I know that you are both very busy with life right now but I do hope that you will be able to continue producing the podcast.

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