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Betwixt and Between



Not fitting in is a pretty common state of being for most Pagans and Witches, but what do you do when you’re not quite dark enough for the all-Underworld-all-the-time crowd, but you’re definitely not Wiccan enough for the Merry Meet crowd? When you really love coming together in real life with like-minded practitioners, but your schedule is dictated by playdates, laundry loads, and the precious moments of adult conversation or pursuit of some kind of career beyond wiping noses and bums? And when your practice of the Craft itself is at its most fulfilling and powerful when you are in the in-between places–dawn, twilight, midnight, a foggy beach, the edge of a forest, a space in the hedge? It’s hard to describe, but it’s exhilerating: the creative tension when and where you are about to cross over, from one world to the next, one time to the next, one role to the next. Life is constant change and flux, and in this miasma we shape ourselves and our reality. Come explore it all as we have, two modern, down-to-earth, real-life-concerns, practicing Witches, in the conversations of Betwixt and Between.

13 comments on “About Betwixt and Between

  • This is the podcast I have been looking for since my little one has been born! Thank you for creating a podcast for the rest of us who fit into that in-between place! I cannot wait to read/listen more.

  • I love your podcast! I live in middle Tennessee and I thought I heard you mention middle Tennessee in one of your episodes…..am I completely crazy?

  • Found your podcast and so far I love it. Keep up the excellent work. Just started listening to #5 and loving it. Yay for another great podcast, y’all will be on my list that await for each episode with baited breath. Thanks so much for the hard work.

  • Had your podcast pointed out to me a week or so ago… and I love it! It’s filled a gap in my listening hours driving to work, doing housework, and creating my art. It’s surprisingly hard for me to identify with most witchy podcasts, but yours is just right!

    I listened to episode 10, and went “I wonder when the next one is coming out?” and saw that the date stamp for Spellworkin’ was waaaaaaaay back in September of last year?! Are you lovely ladies still podcasting? Did life just get in the way? Is everything hip and groovy?

      • I have listened to a series of podcasts in this subject and I truly enjoyed how real and down to earth your podcast is! I feel it is for anyone that is walking the path, male or female regardless of background. I really hope you start it up again. Is there any other place (blog, etc.) that you share? Thank you for being a part of my path!

  • Love the podcast! Not a mother myself, but someone who is learning, but not fitting in with the usual Wicca crowd. The podcast is A breath of fresh air.
    – Alistener from Norway

  • As feedback – listening to you two repeatedly interrupt each other is very distracting. So are the rambling rabbit trail thoughts. I was hoping to sit back, listen and learn, but this feels like a jumbled mess. I wish the talks were a bit more organized and flowed better.

    I don’t have much experience with podcasts though, so it’s entirely possible that people WANT to feel like they’re overhearing someone’s chatty, rambling conversation.

    You both have such wonderful things to share though. I really wish I could hear you speak separately.

    • Thank you for listening, and for your feedback. We discussed your comments in Episode 15, which we just released today. We hope you can get something out of our little podcast, and find the Witchy podcast you’re looking for!

  • Oh man, the serendipity that brought me to find your podcast was strong. This has been an area of my life I have blatantly ignored, even though I too had the same beginnings it sounds like you both had. I’m also Jewish adjacent. I’m looking forward to bing-listening to everything you’ve done so far, and crossing my fingers the 16th episode isn’t the final end of you conversation. To be honest, this is the first time I’ve heard that it’s ok to, as a responsible suburban parent- has this conversation. So in a major way I thank you for creating a little something special that is making me listen to my still small ( albeit persistent) inner voice.

    • So glad you are enjoying it! Don’t worry, there is more to come! We are both involved in different home renovation projects currently, and there is a wee baby who is finding it hard to be quiet enough for recording, but the second the stars align, we are ready to clip on the mics!

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